Sneha Phillip: 9/11 Victim?

Terryn Sears, Reporter

Sneha Philip was last seen on September 10th, 2001. She was an American physician who was married to and lived with Ron Lieberman. They both were doctors, and once they graduated, they moved to New York, and both got jobs at different hospitals. They day Sneha went missing she didn’t go to work. Ron last saw her when they had lunch together. The lunch didn’t last long, because he soon had to go back to work, and she had to get home so she could clean up before her cousin who was planning on staying with them got there. When Ron got home later that night, no one was there. He didn’t really worry about it much though, because this was pretty typical for her to go out, and end up crashing at someone else’s place. Since Ron was so used to this behavior, he went to bed like normal. The next morning when he woke up, he went to work as usual. After the first plane crashed on September 11 though, he got very worried. Their apartment was on the same block as the World Towers. He proceeded to call her many times, and got no answer. He finally got worried enough to go to their apartment. When he got there he quickly realized the door would not work since they were ran by electricity, and the power was cut off.  500 Internal Server Error- 澳门赌场

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